About Us

GOODCOMER CO., LTD. was first founded in 1967, processing aluminum doors and windows mainly. As Taiwan’s economy bloomed and the market demand for aluminum grew tremendously, in 1973 the company built additional aluminum factory, aluminum anodizing factory, and aluminum doors-and-windows processing factory in Guanyin Township Taoyuan County, expanding into a unified operational and professional factory.
As technology advanced and market demand increases, GOODCOMER CO., LTD. has been developing high-strength aluminum and using chemical spectrometer for thorough inspection to produce high-quality products.
To face more challenges of the 21st Century, we have added 6000-ton giant extruders, both seamed and seamless, in 2009, making us champion of Taiwan and officially expanding our business worldwide.
6000T 、1500T、880T、600T Seamed and Seamless Extruders, Heat Treating Furnace(L=13.5M), Anodizing Treatment Tank (including Wastewater Treatment Equipment), Extrusion Inspection Machine, Extrusion Type Oil-Pressure Pipe Bender, 45 Degree Double Miter Cut-Off Saw, Metal Presses, Press Brakes, etc.
Chemical Spectrometer, Tensile Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Webster Hardness Tester, Barcol Hardness Tester, Film Thickness Tester, Leveling Tester, etc.